Scott Hubay Explores the Shadows of Nonprofit Finances in Award-Winning ‘No Compromise’ Podcast

Partner Scott Hubay shares the risks of potential discrepancies in nonprofit financial reporting practices, shedding light on the Dorrs’ disclosure strategies. Despite reported lengthy hours, the absence of direct compensation for the Dorrs raises questions, as funds are directed to a for-profit entity they own. This NPR investigative podcast, No Compromise, is the winner of the 2021 Pulitzer Prize for Audio Reporting. Hubay discusses how a pattern of self-enrichment is exposed, prompting scrutiny of nonprofit fundraising methods. The panel of experts acknowledge the intricacies of IRS compliance and express concerns about transparency in financial disclosures.

Listen to the Does No-Compromising Really Work? episode of host Lisa Hagen’s popular podcast “No Compromise” to learn more.